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hand–picked bite–sized distractions

How Did This All Get Going?

xkcd said it best: in–browser flash games are oddly addictive; the trouble I found was that keeping track of them all wasn't what you'd call easy.

So I built dreadfl to help me remember great games; I hope you find it useful too.

Originally, a lot of games were picked up from; specifically: /r/webgames/, more were picked up from Jay Is Games and a few were gleamed from Good Experience Games.

Unlike the competition, dreadfl does keeps track of games you like, and—if you don't mind my saying so—is damn sexy, and will—given enough interest & time—recommend more games to you.

Can I Pimp My Game?

Absolutely! Send us a link!

Feel free to let us know how rubbish of a job we're doing too.


While it isn't required there is a preferred format for sending links our way through twitter:

@dreadfl Title Of Game Any description you can fit into the remaining characters.

Non–pimping of Games

Want a job? Benefits: Absolutely no financial pay, quite a bit of effort, lackluster fame.

If that sounds wonderful, get in touch: @dreadfl.

Why, Pray–Tell, Would I Want An Account?

So you can keep track of the games you like.

Can I Trust You With My Credentials?

I never get access to them. Boiled–down Twitter, Google and/or Facebook just helps us remember you so we can track games you like without you ever having to remember how you signed–up for this teensy service.

If I need to convince you any further; please don't hesitate: dreadfl.

Now that that's outta the way: Sign–In/Up.

Behind the Scenes

dreadfl uses jquery, with three plugins: one for cookies, another for customized sorting, and the last for the modal windows.

With the help of those three jquery plugins, the following answers proved themselves invaluable in making dreadfl tick: case insensitive search and internet explorer 8 support.

We have a little help from our friends with our single sign on through multiple sources with HybridAuth, and some nifty buttons to tie it all together quite nicely with zocial.

We forward mobile users to the correct link through the power of browser detection by the fine folks at mobile detect.

Several (all) icons were hand–picked by me from the vast collection at The Noun Project and built by Bruno Landowski.

dreadfl also uses php with several libraries assisting as needed: twitteroauth, jsmin and cssminify in its own administration.

Game Graveyard

dreadfl, and the game it lists are getting old (the first seeds of dreadfl started waaaay back in 2010). We try (somewhat) hard to stay on top of linkrot, but as all things in life some loss is permanant.

Here stands games that we can no longer find:

  1. KOI2:

    Poke a girl in the forehead, more fun than it sounds.

  2. Pulsus:

    Guide small particles with attractors & repellents into receivers. Starts out generic, but quickly becomes more color-specific.

  3. Bunni Game: How We First Met:

    A simple adventure in the land on bunni. Manage resources and complete quests to make it to the end.

  4. Stack Overload :

    Battle another computer program by causing them to have a stack overflow.

  5. Rock, Paper and Scissors:

    Battle a robot and watch it crush you.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.